Monday, March 13, 2006

Story : Performance Phobia

I was working days ago on a web site requires some multi-sorting operations and other big operations in the same page . i didn't sleep well for three days, not because it's hard to be done, but because of the performance .
i have a very crazy storys running in my head about other developers who was murdered by their clients because of the bad performance in their applications ... lol , i really got a - performance phobia - (you can imagine me setting there shivering and looking left and right with the sound of britney's song "crazy" in the background ->[Monk2]).

After suffering of that thoughts for days, i found my self ready to start the scarry part (testing the application).
Oh my God, my brain telling me to be ready for a huge explosion. okay, I went to my IDE and started testing .

-> what is that??!!
every thing is working well and there is no slow operations or high load and the big surprise is that there is no crazy men coming with guns and shooting at me .. lol
i know that there is other guys setting there and saying "hay buddy, test it on a server with 1000 requests min. and tell us the number of server explosions/second".
yes, i did that and it worked fine too after some optimizations .

but why I'm telling you that story ?!
just to know that there is inner fears that's just lives in our minds only .

so Imagine the best, plan what you want to do, know your challenges and don't allow that stupid fears to stop you.

that's not only relates to programming and programmers, but relates to all the branches of your life.
so try to live better .

happy programming .... and happy life.