Thursday, July 07, 2005

the Hot Summer & programming
hello friends

mmm that's my first entry in the blog and i don't know what to say!
okay any way i hope you are all have a sweet life what ever you are doing

and may if you are a php programmer and have a knowledge of the OOP programming
you will like to see my 2 new simple published classes on the site
okay check that link to see it and tell me what you think click here

so i think that blog 'll be for the php programmers to day, haha !

so have you seen the new beta release of php 5.1.0 ?!
any way i like php 5 more than php 4 as in the new version we have a big OO tools and a simpler way for using XML and web services .

oh so have you seen the new security vulnerability of the PHP XML-RPC library
check it if you have used that library in your XML web service click here

so now iam working hard to learn many things this summer and i hope to finish that realy in that summer
like advanced OOP , C/C++, C# and Algorithms
may iam dreaming or something like that but i 'll do my best

and about the Alexandrian php group members i want to regard them all
and i want to tell you that we will have a meeting soon so be ready guys.

that's good so enjoy your summer and spend it in a useful things